A fake Palworld account appears, specializing in defrauding players of their money

Just launched in Early Access but Palworld Definitely the most popular game in the gaming industry in early 2024. Possessing eye-catching graphics and gameplay containing many surprises, the game quickly sold more than 8 million copies in just 6 days with more than 2 million players. at the same time at the highest point.

But the explosion of Palworld became a tool for bad guys to take advantage of to gain profit. In recent days, players have discovered Palworld’s fake X account. The account name only changed the letter O to C, while the interface is identical to the original account. The fake account even has X’s golden tick, which makes it even easier for players to fall into the scammer’s trap.


It is known that scammers used this account to trick players into buying suspicious NFTs. For those who don’t know, NFT is a type of token encrypted on the blockchain and represents a certain asset. In the crypto world, there are many NFT collections that bring great value and are sought after by many users, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or Moonbirds… However, in the case of Palworld, these NFTs are only are worthless things, bringing no benefit to the buyer.


In response to this incident, Palworld’s developers emphasized that they will not use the name of the game to encourage players to participate in any profitable business activities online. Therefore, players should be careful when encountering similar cases, avoid falling into the situation of losing money.​

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