MMORPG masterpiece Immortal Kingdoms: Battlefield starts early registration

Battlefield (Immortal Kingdoms) – the new generation multi-platform Western Fantasy 3D MMORPG has officially opened early registration in the Vietnamese market. From now on, gamers can pre-register to own an ingame gift set with a total value of up to 20 million VND at: before launch date.


Exploiting the theme of Western culture, Chien Dia is not only beautiful with high quality graphics but also brings extremely vivid sound effects. RAPID INNOVATIVE – the producer of Battlefield has created a large, realistic open world, where the battle against the dark powers of four forces, five sects and eight races takes place clearly. . Players will have to fight hundreds of messengers, destroy monsters in large inter-server battlefields. With two parallel worlds – Myth and Legend coexisting, Battlefield brings a unique experience when players can feel the spatial and temporal sounds of another world getting closer and closer.

Chien Dia – the top MMORPG of 2024

The skill system of Chien Dia is extremely rich, providing players with the freedom to develop and customize characters with 5 main professions: Gunner, Demon God, Executioner, Mage, and Fighter. . Not limited to how to build equipment, each profession also comes with hundreds of skills for players to develop according to their personal style. In addition, the production team has added many new mechanisms and features such as: The server Clan Chien Lien was crowned King, awarded the title of Marquis, and invaded the territory to expand its territory; League of Vocations competes for the championship of the First Sect; Tam Dau 3V3 unites decisive battles with many different PK modes…Creates the difference and appeal of Chien Dia compared to pure MMORPG games.

By continuously reaching the top game rankings in Korea, Taiwan, China, and Thailand after its release, Chien Dia has affirmed its position as a MMORPG masterpiece worth experiencing for Vietnamese gamers in early spring 2024. This. To learn detailed information about the game, players can visit HERE.

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