The female Streamer who led the “bath bathing” trend once shared in shock that her house had just burned down

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of the female streamer received the most attention above Twitch made many fans worried when she revealed that her house had burned down last Friday. According to the investigation, this was not a random incident but someone intentionally released it.​


Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, 27 years old, is one YouTuber cum Streamer Twitch, she currently owns a Twitch channel with more than 4 million followers. Kaitlyn is also the originator of many 18+ trends on Twitch such as “hot tub meta” (livestream taking a bath to show off her body) or “ear lick” (making sensitive sounds on livestream), that’s why she was blocked by Twitch many times.

Returning to the fire, Kaitlyn said the fire started from a trash can next to her house, luckily it was female. streamer and her pets were all uninjured. The police inspected her house and surrounding areas. Although the specific cause has not been determined, it seems that someone intentionally caused trouble. This is not the first time Kaitlyn has faced dangers like this.​


She revealed that she had been “swatted” – an extremely dangerous action in which the troublemaker would call the police and report false news that something terrible was happening somewhere. Fully armed special forces will immediately appear and suppress those present in this place. There have been cases where innocent people unfortunately lost their lives under police gunfire in “swatting” incidents. Not stopping there, last year, taking advantage of the festival, a stranger planned to shoot fireworks at her house. Fortunately, the suspect was later arrested by the police.

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