As a music company, will Riot Games create a virtual music group for Valorant?

Not only professional in game development, Riot Games also proves itself to be a promising name in the music industry with the success of virtual music groups whose members are heroes. League of Legends. And it seems that this “music company” will continue to launch new music groups in the near future Valorant.​


Riot Games has been trying to combine games and music for a long time. In 2013, Jinx, the female champion of League of Legends, had her own song and music video – Get Jinxed. In 2014, League of Legends released a set of skins with a heavy rock theme. In recent years, Riot Games has continued to form virtual hip-hop groups True Damage, K/DA and achieved much success. However, up to now, all of Riot Games’ music publications are limited to League of Legends.

Toa Dunn, head of Riot Music, recently hinted that Riot Games may soon expand music production to include Valorant:


Players can expect a new music group or project related to music to appear in Valorant. This will definitely be an interesting experience for gamers of this FPS game.

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