Minecraft suddenly turned into a 19+ game in the shock of the gaming community

Minecraft – title sandbox games due Mojang development is currently one of the most popular game titles in the world. With simple gameplay, high creativity and bright colors, the game is considered suitable for many ages, from teenagers to adults or the elderly. Yet recently in Korea, this game was suddenly classified as a 19+ game in the surprise of the gaming community.​


It is known that in Korea, the game was originally rated 12+ but this has been changed, players now need to use an account. Xbox Live (requires players 19 years of age or older) to log into the game and continue playing. The cause of the incident probably stems from Korea’s “Cinderella” law enacted in 2011 to limit teenagers staying up late playing games.

According to this law, every 12 o’clock at night, minors will be forced to disconnect their network so they can no longer play games. That’s why in 2012 Microsoft changed account policy, requiring users to be at least 19 years old. However, for now Minecraft still allows users to use Mojang accounts to log into the game without age verification.​


Currently, many gamers have signed a petition, protesting against turning Minecraft into an adult game that limits players. As of July 4, 15,000 Koreans supported this petition. Currently, Microsoft has not yet responded to the incident.

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