Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG gives out free codes to players

From October 25, VNGGames Rewards has integrated 6 new role-playing and fighting games, bringing the total number of games in this publisher’s gamer appreciation program to 10 games. So after 2 months of implementation, VNGGames Rewards has welcomed a “super huge” community of gamers from the following games: Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile, Martial Arts Legend Mobile, Sword World Origin, Martial Arts Legend MAX, Vo Lam Nhan Hiep VNG, Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, OMG 3Q VNG, Tan Thien Long Mobile – VNG, Thien Nu 2 – VNGand Famous General 3Q – VNG.


It is expected that by November 22, the VNGGames Rewards program will complete the integration of the next 6 game titles, including Gunny Origin (Vietnam), Gunny Mobi, ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, Play Together VNG, Revelation: Thien Du (Vietnam). ), and Journey to the West VNG. The roadmap for integrating the remaining games will also be updated soon on the program’s official information channels.

On this occasion, VNGGames distributed a series of free giftcodes to players of the games Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, Danh Tuong 3Q – VNG, Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile, Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile, Kiem The Origin, and Vo Lam Truyen Ky Lam Truyen Ky MAX.


During the event (October 30 – November 12, 2023), players who log into the above games will have the opportunity to receive special Hidden Codes. These gift codes are distributed at random times of the day in limited quantities. Hidden Code signals are broadcast through Game App Notifications. After receiving the hidden Code, players need to visit the Code Entry page to exchange the code for corresponding in-game rewards.

Step 1: Visit the Enter Code page


Step 2: Select the game you want to enter the code for


Step 3: Enter Code Information, Game Information and Authentication Code


Step 4: Receive “Enter code” and check your ingame mailbox to receive the gift


VNGGames Rewards is a program to recognize players’ contributions and gratitude, bringing many new experiences through exciting playgrounds and activities exclusively for accounts participating in the program. Not only that, this program is also a “huge treasure trove of gifts” that VNGGames gamers should not miss.

One of the advantages of a VNGGames Rewards account is that gamers do not need to remember too many accounts and passwords, because with the same account, players can access all products in the VNGGames ecosystem, At the same time, you can also manage gifts from your VNGGames game accounts on the same system. Players can accumulate Coins – the reward points unit of the program – and use these Coins to convert into discounts when making transactions or other forms of gifts such as Zing cards and Got It gift cards. This number of Coins is accumulated through player transactions. In particular, all new players participating in the VNGGames Rewards program will have the cumulative refund mode activated 30 days before the new games are integrated.

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