Insomniac revealed the connection between Spider-Man 2 and the upcoming Wolverine game


Figure Wolverine mentioned in one Easter eggs belong to Spider-Man 2, but other than this detail, the connection between the two games is quite minimal. Even though both games are made by Insomniac But each game is the responsibility of different teams. However, Insomniac’s recent PS5 performance has fans excited about The Wolverine as well as future games from the Spider-Man series.

In an interview with Katherine Funny Games, Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar confirmed that the developer’s current games all take place in the same universe as The Wolverine. Mr. Intihar stated that both Spider-Man and The Wolverine take place in the 1048 universe.

Some people want Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Wolverine series to have different settings despite taking place in the same universe. Both characters have very different styles, and while fans have a pretty good understanding of Insomniac’s Peter and Miles at this point, the studio’s Logan character is still somewhat of a mystery.

Insomniac may also be working on other Marvel projects. Rumors have the developer working on a third game based on the IP Marvel Comics appeared recently with Spider-Man 2 story director commenting on a potential spin-off revolving around Venom. Of course, Insomniac has not yet confirmed anything because The Wolverine may still be one to two years away from release. However, with the success the studio has achieved so far, many fans are hoping that the developer will release game adaptations of other famous comic characters.​

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