The survival horror manga “The Body Game” will be adapted into a live-action film

Recently, Warner Bros. Japan announced that it will adapt the survival horror manga Karada Sagashi (Game of finding the body) Authors Weizard and Katsutoshi Murase into a live-action film, expected to premiere in 2022. The film features a talented young actress. Kanna Hashimoto (who participated in Gintama) as the female lead and played by Eiichiro Hasumi (Assassination Classroom, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness) directed.

The gem Kanna Hashimoto will play the role of female student Asuka Morisaki, who is tasked with decoding the mystery of the death game.

Manga Karada Sagashi tells the story of a group of unfortunate high school students who fall into a deadly spiral, where they must find a way to fight off the “red girl” and search for the body parts of a dead female student. Haruka’s name is scattered throughout the school. Only when they successfully put all 8 body pieces together can they escape the scary cycle: whoever is killed by the “red girl” will… wake up on the day they died, then repeat the action. body finder.

Throughout each page of the story, Karada Sagashi has made countless readers hold their breath as they watched each horror scene continuously occur. But no matter how horrifying it is, the engaging content of The Body Search Game has made readers grit their teeth and decide to read until the last page.


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