Closing an explosive student e-sports season

Offline Event National Finals of the tournament electronic Sports student – NSOC 2023 was successfully held at OEG Stadium – the arena eSports The most professional and largest peak in Hanoi. Here, the audience had the opportunity to experience countless exciting activities such as cosplay, minigames, interactions with KOLs,… and especially witness the fierce competition between the four best teams. The two teams named for the championship this season are PLEASE SECOND PRIZE belongs to the discipline League of Legends and FPT ESPORTS CLUB belongs to the department VALORANT.

Four teams participating in the National Finals took pictures with the organizers NSOC 2023.

Throughout the tournament, NSOC 2023 has shown special heat with the participation of 100+ universities nationwide, reaching millions of views on social networking platforms. The images and activities of the tournament have successfully attracted deep attention from the Gaming community in general and eSports in particular, worthy of being considered a large-scale national e-sports tournament for students. Largest tissue ever.

The event took place at OEG Stadium – the top professional and largest eSports arena in Hanoi.

The tournament also marked a cooperation step between OTA Network and OEG Esports as a strategic communication partner, spreading interesting images and activities taking place within the tournament closer to the community. OTA Network is known as the owner of a large Gaming Creators community, and is also the first strategic partner of Facebook Gaming in Viet Nam. With its quality multi-platform entertainment network, OTA Network deserves to be an effective companion of OEG Esports in communicating the tournament to the public.

The success of NSOC 2023 is a stepping stone for Vietnam eSports to expand, develop as well as promote more explosive and successful future e-sports events.

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