Matrix 4 announced trailer and official name, Neo loses his memory

Yesterday during the CinemaCon presentation, Warner Bros revealed the trailer Matrix 4 – the sequel to the once-popular film series. It seems that this trailer is only for the audience at CinemaCon and is not shared on social networks. In addition, the official name of the film has also been announced – The Matrix: Resurrections (Matrix: Resurrection).​


The trailer at CinemaCon begins with the Neo do scene Keanu Reeves He plays the character who is undergoing therapy, his doctor is the character played by Neil Patrick Harris. The two are discussing the strange memories that appeared in Neo’s dream, which are also events that happened in previous Matrix movies. However, the trailer does not reveal how Neo was able to escape death and what caused him to lose his memory.

Neo and Trinity finally meet again in a cafe, but at this point Trinity no longer remembers Neo, which is most clearly shown through her question: “Have we met before? ”… History repeated itself again when a mysterious black-shirted man came to find Neo and let him choose between two red and blue pills, but this person was not Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus but the character played by Yahya Abdul. -Mateen II plays.​


Until now, the plot of The Matrix 4 is still a mystery to viewers, but Keanu Reeves has confirmed that there will be no element of returning to the past appearing in the film. The film is expected to officially hit theaters on December 16 this year.

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