While livestreaming, Valorant players were suddenly surrounded by police

Ages ago long ago swatting has been known as a painful behavior for the community streamer abroad. Swatting is a prank that occurs when an anonymous person contacts the police and makes up a story that a crime is taking place at a certain address. Upon receiving information, the police with the participation of SWAT forces will rush to the above address. Sometimes these swatting incidents also cause terrible consequences for innocent people.

And right in the early days of 2024, a streamer of Twitch became a victim of such an incident. S0m is widely known as a former CS:GO player and pro gamer of the title shooting game Valorant and a streamer. At 6:30 a.m. on January 4, while livestream, the police suddenly entered s0m’s house. The shared clip shows a female police officer appearing in s0m’s bedroom with a handgun in her hand.​

Currently s0m is living with his family, this incident not only endangers the male streamer but also his family members. Sharing on X, the Valorant player scolded the prankster:

s0m’s anger is completely reasonable because a previous swatting incident took the life of a bystander. Police surrounded the home of Andrew Finch (28 years old) after receiving reports that a kidnapping was taking place. During this process, due to suspicion that Finch had a weapon, the police opened fire on him. In fact, the incident stemmed from a conflict between three online gamers, one of whom provided a fake address (Finch’s home) to the other two. All three were charged and convicted for their actions.

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