Marvel and DC superheroes step out from the screen: A series of “exact replicas” models surprise fans

Marvel and DC are famous “giants” of the entertainment industry. After decades, these two studios have created many superhero characters that are loved and accepted by audiences around the world. Recently, at SAURUS Coffee & Gallery coffee restaurant, the majestic Marvel & DC Festival will take place, promising to be a favorite destination for those who are passionate about these two classic superhero universes.

SAURUS Coffee & Gallery – Venue of the festival

At the exhibition, super classic characters will gather, making the names of the two “empires” Marvel and DC such as Wonder Woman, SupermanAquaman, BatmanCaptain America… In addition, there is also the outstanding villain model Joker has “made waves” on the big screen for a long time.

In particular, with sophisticated, meticulous models, exquisitely designed through every smallest detail, it promises to be an interesting destination for model enthusiasts as well as “big fans” of the two companies. this movie. In particular, with a series of top models from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Prime 1 Studio, Hot Toys together with the model supplier King Toys, will surely become names that “guarantee” the quality and grandeur of this event.

Some typical models:

  • Prime 1 Studio JUSTICE BUSTER 1:4
  • Prime 1 Studio Aquaman 1:3
  • Prime 1 Studio Wonder Woman 1:3 Ultimate Version
  • Prime 1 Studio Superman 1:3
  • Queen Studios The Dark Knight 1:3 Scale Batman
  • Queen Studios Heath Ledger Joker 1:3 Statue
  • Queen Studios DC Comics 1/4 Wonder Woman Statue
  • Hot Toys Joker 1/4 TDK
  • Hot Toys Batman 1/4 TDK

In addition to being an exhibition place for Marvel and DC model lovers, the event also promises to be an interesting playground for many young people who are passionate about cosplay. Accordingly, the event is also a masquerade festival that allows participants to transform into their favorite characters. In particular, at the end of the day there will be the appearance of professional Cosplayers with attractive gifts, promising to be an interesting and diverse playground for participants as well as a useful environment for young people to learn. ask, communicate.

Festival information

: From November 8 – November 10, the event takes place all day.
Location: 2nd Floor SAURUS Coffee & Gallery, 258R Duong Quang Ham, Ward 5, Go Vap District.

Exhibition display, no ticket sales


All day:

  • Display: Exhibition of a series of top superhero models from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Prime 1 Studio, Hot Toys,…
  • Cosplay: Cosplay festivals allow people to transform into their favorite characters. Especially at the end of the day, there will be professional cosplayers participating.

Time frame 6pm – 9pm:

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