Super product Hades “finalizes” the date of landing on Mobile

As you know, Hades – the hit masterpiece of developer Supergiant, will officially be available on the iOS platform as an exclusive game for the service. Netflix Gamingthat is, when registering for the service Netflix, players will have the right to download this game for free. Don’t let fans wait too long, Hades Mobile was scheduled to be released on March 19.

This mobile version will have a frame rate of 60fps with a customizable touch control system and compatible with Bluetooth controllers. The game’s interface has also been redesigned to suit smartphone operations, integrating cloud storage and offline play features.

Hades is Supergiant’s 4th game, after Bastion, Transistor or Pyre. The game is set in the kingdom of the lord of hell Hades, revolving around Prince Zagreus’s journey to escape hell, climb Mount Olympus and discover freedom.

Besides the engaging storyline, Hades impressed upon its launch thanks to its powerful combat system, smooth gameplay, and gameplay that made it feel like Zagreus was getting closer and closer to freedom with each completion. become a task. It was the combination of the above interesting factors that helped Hades win the award Indie games best of the year at The Game Awards 2020.

Besides Hades Mobile, a new sequel to this series is also in the development stage. Previously, Supergiant confirmed that Hades 2 will officially arrive on PC later this year with a completely new main character.

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