Dune: Awakening – Ambitious survival MMO set in the world of Dune

Developer Funcom has brought a new look to Dune: Awakeninggame title Survival MMO open world coming soon. Digging Trailer of Dune: Awakening was released just days after the film Land of sand Part 2 hits theaters. The deep dive video showcased some of the core features coming to the game based on author Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel.


Dune: Awakening was first revealed at Gamescom’s Night Live Opening event in 2022. The first trailer showed impressive images made by Unreal Engine 5. And the latest trailer of the MMO game This game retains its beautiful appearance while also giving a glimpse into the gameplay and planet Arrakis.

Funcom has posted the first Dune: Awakening Direct video. This is the beginning of an upcoming video series delving into survival MMOs. The nearly 25-minute video begins with an overview of the dangerous world of Arrakis, one of the most important planets in the Dune universe and the game’s setting.

Visiting the set of Dune 2021 helped the development team at Funcom learn and be inspired by the Oscar-winning film adaptation. By harnessing the power and capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, Funcom has expanded the desert planet of Arrakis, allowing players to write their own stories here. In addition to showcasing impressive visuals, viewers can also watch Dune: Awakening feature base building, combat, movement, and many other survival mechanics.

Instead of focusing solely on surviving the harsh deserts of Arrakis, Dune: Awakening requires players to overcome political disputes in the Dune universe. Like protagonist Paul Atreides in the novel and film series, players can delve into political intrigue and the pursuit of power. Funcom has yet to announce a specific release of the game, but the developer will certainly call on players to participate in future betas as Dune: Awakening prepares to launch on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X /S.

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