Map Fan made by CSGO for gamers to rescue hostages on snowy mountains

Being one of the most played titles on PC every day helps Counter-Strike: Global Offensive owns a large amount of content created and uploaded by fans Steam Workshop. One of the latest content that is receiving a lot of five star reviews is Exile – hostage rescue map in a different location than most of the main maps in CS:GO.


Exile is a product from two CS: GO fans, Hi and Kubader. Players will arrive in a remote wilderness village in northwest Canada on a snowy night with a rather spooky atmosphere. Exile’s plot revolves around the rescue of two members of the Anarchist faction.


On the Steam Workshop page, many people rate Exile as an impressive, quite professional work and a different experience that every CS:GO player should try. The map is covered in dense fog and snow, and is quite sparsely populated with buildings, so players need to be careful when moving outdoors – although the fog will somewhat help them hide from view. enemy’s sights.

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