Five Nights at Freddy’s will have a 2D sequel to celebrate its 10th anniversary


An upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s game was suddenly leaked on the Internet. Scott Cawthonfather of the series indie horror game hit, reacted very calmly to the leak and he even supported fans discussing the new game.

Game trailer FNAF based on the novel Into the Pit of Fazbear Frights was leaked this week. This is a new FNAF game, featuring 16-bit graphics, side-scrolling gameplay, and set at Jeff’s Pizza. Into the Pit revolves around the story when young boy Oswald jumps into the ball pit and witnesses the moment Spring Bonnie murdered 6 children. Oswald’s father got stuck trying to pull his son out of the ball pit. Afterwards, Spring Bonnie replaced Oswald’s father in the real world but the boy was the only one who realized this.

Developer Cawthon left a comment on the FNAF subreddit, telling fans “There’s no need to keep quiet.” He wrote: “It’s okay! Yes, I tried to keep it a secret a little longer, but now everything has been revealed, it’s okay. This game has been in development for a long time. It’s been a really long time and I’m very proud of the final product. This will be the 10th anniversary game!”

The developer of this 2D game is an expert pixel graphics Mega Cat Studios, the company that created WrestleQuest. With Cawthon sharing that the new game was developed to Celebrating 10 years of launch FNAF, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Into the Pit It will probably be released in August this year.

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