Good tips for newbies to ‘cut and slash’ Black Moon Quyen Than – ARPG masterpiece released today!


According to the official announcement from publisher Dzogame, at 12:00 today (January 25, 2024), the fast-paced role-playing ARPG game produced by Dream Plus will officially be introduced to Vietnamese gamers and the SEA community. As a child of destiny, you will be the one to decide the future fate of the world in the journey to explore the Black Moon. Besides your own skills, the useful experiences below will help you explore this game easily.

Understanding characters and skills: Black Moon Fist God owns 3 character classes including Swordsman, Witch and Hidden for players to choose from. Each character will have its own strengths and two development branches. Players need to clearly understand the skills that character possesses. This will help you make the most of your character’s strengths when facing challenges.

Each character will have 2 separate development directions

Perform mission: In Black Moon Fist Than, there are many main and daily quests for players to receive important rewards as well as strengthen their characters. In particular, many game functions and resource systems will be unlocked along the main mission route such as: Level support package (level 10), Trial Tower (from level 33), Teammate (level 40), Power Stone (level 55),…so players need to prioritize performing main quests as soon as possible.

The skill system will open according to the main mission and level

Besides, don’t forget to pocket the benefits of participating in the game such as logging weekly attendance and monthly attendance to receive. 16000 Gold, 4200 Dark Stars, SSR Weapons, SSR Beast Chest along with other items such as: 4 Weapon Tickets, 4000 Lollipops – upgrade pets, 400 Super Power Essences – upgrade Power Stones…

Pocket many valuable items with just one simple operation

Take advantage of equipment and materials: Upgrade your weapons and use your equipment creatively. Because materials are also important factors, use them wisely to enhance your character’s strength. Explore locations to find NPCs that provide side quests, rewards, and important information. These small details can bring big benefits in your adventure.

Proper enhancement will help the character break through the level quickly

Building a flexible squad: When participating in battles, consider building a flexible squad with characters that complement each other, because each support character possesses a unique element. This helps optimize combat effectiveness to win.

Each support character possesses a unique element that assists the player when participating in missions

Choose the right support: Black Moon Fist has many events with many different time frames for players to challenge and collect resources. However, for a busy person who doesn’t have too much time to plow, don’t miss out on the privileged but quite economical support packages so you don’t get left behind with your friends. With just 1 purchase, you can get 10 weapon spins every day for the rest of the game’s lifespan or own a total number of Dark Stars from 5940 up to 13500 with the monthly package. For those of you who want to experiment to consider a long-term commitment, the combo package of 6 days get 1 day free to enjoy many super valuable benefits is definitely a choice not to be missed.

One purchase can be used for the entire life of the game

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating story with Black Moon Quyen Than, discover extreme PK levels with a new generation horizontal screen, role-playing action mobile game today by downloading the game HERE

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