Play Together VNG: Discover “Tet Quality” with a series of famous hot TikTokers

The New Year is always a “golden opportunity” for young people to dress up and show off their personality. This year’s Tet Giap Thin season, game title Play Together VNG understood the psychology of the young community when immediately releasing a Tet photo set with a special TVC, to spread a positive message: No matter what style we choose, this Tet we will be “cool”!

Not only does it encourage the community to confidently show off its unique qualities this Tet season, Play Together VNG He also joined hands with a series of popular TikTokers on social networks today to bring fresh inspiration to players. Through the cheerful images in the Tet TVC and colorful photo set, Play Together VNG is ready to welcome a truly “cool” Lunar New Year!

The pretty Pink Team – Creative Cute Quality with the participation of Pepper (Cat), Kai Bie (Pig), and Xuan Nhi (Mui) brings a lovely, youthful feeling and the constant creativity of young people. .

Team Green is no one’s alienation – Chat Play Hard is the “acting ground” of faces full of personality: Neko Land (Rooster), Le Ngo (Snake) and Gia Huy (Ox). True to the spirit of work hard, play hard, Chat Play trio is always ready with the spirit of “YOLO relax, and the housework will be done in 30 seconds”.

Team Cam explodes – The cool personality brings together extremely “hot” names: Cam Vy (Horse), Truki (Tuat) and Ciin (Dan) – representing a cool, “challenging” young generation. also dares to confront, has a style that is not afraid to show off.”

Last but not least, the impressive Green Team – the multi-talented Chat Nghe with representatives Mai Ngo (Dragon), Trinh Tan (Than) and Hien Thuc (Ty) is a group of young people who are “fashionable, stylish, and still smart.”

In particular, not only does it convey a message of inspiration and confidence, Play Together VNG’s Tet photo set and TVC also carries traditional meanings with familiar images of the Tet season: 12 hot TikTokers transformed into 12 children. Full of creativity, cleaning the house together, decorating apricot trees and peach branches to welcome Spring, wrapping banh chung together, and not forgetting to help the family go shopping for Tet.

Have you chosen any “quality” for yourself this Tet? Don’t forget to check out the special New Year celebration styles and show off your “Tet spirit” in the game Play Together VNG!

Follow Play Together VNG’s Tet holiday activities at the following channels:​

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