Last Epoch – The new king of the plowing game series, not afraid of Diablo or Path of Exiles

The political world of the game series ARPG It seems that they still haven’t found their true leader. Pitching Diablo 4 Half a year ago, it was still a disappointment to many fans. A legend of the ARPG game series, a name that once caused people to lose sleep, is now just an average product, hiding behind the huge shadow of its predecessor.

Path of Exiles, the name that held the top spot during the years the Lord of Hell was away, also had its own worries. The reason is not because the game is bad, but because the gameplay system is too massive and new features are constantly being introduced, making veterans tired while newbies are panicking because there are too many things to grasp. On game forums, accounts with several thousand hours of play for Path of Exiles are just an “average” number. To understand relatively, the time gamers spend must be 10 times that.


Therefore, players need a name with enough scope and depth to regain their passion for the ARPG series without having to invest too much time and then feel exhausted by it. And that is the void where the new name is “reborn” – Last Epoch ready to fill.

Last Epoch is actually not an unfamiliar name when it was introduced as an Early Access version 5 years ago. But only now has Eleventh Hour Games’ product been officially completed with version 1.0 released earlier this year. With the official release and a massive Update 1.0, Last Epoch is ready to address the gap created by the two extremes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exiles. That is for players to feel the strength of the character right from the beginning without having to spend a lot of time or effort to learn the gameplay.


Unlike Diablo 4 or Path of Exiles, Last Epoch approaches the Skill system from a completely different perspective. Instead of having many Skill Trees and requiring players to build a character with a certain set of Skills at a time, Last Epoch puts the word “tree” behind the word “skill”. This means that when choosing a specialized Skill, gamers will unlock an additional skill tree behind it. There it can be increasing the basic damage of the main Skill, extending the Skill’s usage time, adding effects, speed or some unique effects.

And yet, with the Class system, gamers can further expand their freedom in gameplay. Although at first glance there are only 5 initial Classes, Last Epoch has up to 3 Mastery levels for each Class. This mechanism can be simply understood as a form of more advanced Class and can only be selected when the character reaches a certain level. It means that Last Epoch possesses up to 15 different Classes and gameplay, demonstrating the enormity of the gameplay and the developer’s investment. But the special point is that once you have chosen a high-class Class, players can still add points to the remaining Classes and unlock the corresponding Skills, but they cannot develop more deeply.


With gameplay elements that allow gamers to invest in depth at a moderate level but still maintain diversity and freedom in gameplay, Last Epoch is definitely a representative of the ARPG game series worth trying at this time. early 2024.​

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