Final Fantasy 16 Rising Tide’s next DLC will “land” in April


DLC takes place before the original game’s ending – Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide expected to release in less than a month, on April 18. Players can purchase this expansion separately or unlock it The Rising Tide via Expansion Pass PlayStation Store.

Square Enix introduces The Rising Tide as follows: “An anonymous letter containing a most curious request has been sent to the hideout: Leviathan Commander, Eikon Thuy has long been missing, in need of rescue. Responding to this call, Clive and his companions must find Mysidia – a hidden land under a blue sky – where they will discover the tragic history of a forgotten people.

Upon release, The Rising Tide will bring new abilities, locations, side quests, and more. Clive’s new tide control ability, for example, will help him sink enemies into a watery grave. Clive can also summon a sea serpent that has the ability to “strike with precision”.

In addition, The Rising Tide also adds a new mode, Kairos Gate. This challenge mode requires players to pass 20 levels with increasing difficulty with each level. Players can unlock the Kairos portal after completing The Rising Tide and the base game’s endings. Square Enix will also release some free updates for Final Fantasy 16 the same day that The Rising Tide arrived.


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