Webinar “From Zero to Hero” by OTA Network – Opportunity to become a professional Gaming Creator for young people


Gaming Creator is becoming a new career trend that is of interest to millions of young people who love games. However, most Creators go through the initial period with many difficulties to find a solid foothold. Understand the problems that the future generation of Creators are facing, events “From Zero to Hero: The journey to conquer the million-view empire” born. With the participation of experts from Facebook Gaming, OTA Network and especially the current top Gaming Creator lineup including PewPew, Tuan is difficult to support, Sunny and Hieu Leblanc, the event quickly attracted more than 300 potential creators to attend.

The event includes the following main contents:​

  • Listen to representatives share Facebook Gaming: Why should you start your career on the Facebook Gaming platform?
  • Interact with famous Creators PewPew, Tuan Kho De, Nang and Hieu Leblanc through the contest “Creator’s fight” and “Behind the Webcam”
  • Shared by OTA Network Representative: Gaming Creator opportunities in the Facebook Gaming program
  • Chat and listen to sharing from three special experts of the program, Tuan Kho Do, PewPew and Nang, about how to build content and fan community.

To become a professional Creator, passion alone is not enough

When it comes to Streamer/Gaming Creator, many people often think this is a leisurely career, just playing games can make money. In fact, when “committing” to this path, you will experience countless difficulties. The first difficulty comes from the fact that you will work “for free” for a long time: livestream with no viewers, no interaction and no income. Hieu Leblanc shared that he had to do many alternate jobs such as waiting tables and selling coffee to have money to invest in computers. As for Tuan Kho De, he stopped streaming in 2017 due to economic constraints and decided to turn to business. In the end, he still couldn’t give up his passion and returned again in 2019.


Besides having a “steel spirit”, Creators need to build a methodical development roadmap that includes building content and maintaining a fan community. PewPew, Tuan Kho De and Nang all affirmed that in order to have attractive content, young people must clearly identify who their fans are, what their age is and what their favorite content is, from there they can find “success”. “creating content that attracts audiences. Tuan Kho De also suggests planning to post during the week and don’t forget to interact a lot with fans.


PewPew – “legend” of the village Streamer expressing views on how to build a community based on 3 factors: being close to fans, defining who you are, and finally sharing frankly with viewers your desires so that both sides can understand each other better. . As a “predecessor”, PewPew advises young people: “Don’t just look at those who have succeeded and think you will succeed in a short time, you have to persevere because that process can take years.”


Facebook Gaming and OTA Network – “fertile land” for the future generation of Creators

In addition to the sincere sharing from the famous creators, the event also helps young people orient their career path through joining Facebook Gaming and OTA Network. With the advantage of a huge user base of up to 2.7 billion people worldwide, Facebook Gaming is a solid launching pad for future content creators to develop in the long term. During this event, Ms. Thuy Nguyen – Strategy Manager of Facebook Gaming emphasized: “Our No. 1 goal is to make Facebook the best place for people to stream and watch live gaming videos. At the same time, we also want to make sure that all of you can do this and make a living on Facebook.”

In addition, Mr. Duy Nguyen – Operations Director of OTA Network also shared objectively about the opportunities of Gaming Creators when joining Facebook Gaming and OTA Network. Specifically, the journey from Zero to Hero cannot lack outstanding names such as Nam Blue or Dao An. With a starting point of being “skilled” people in the profession and a small number of followers, after switching to livestream on Facebook Gaming, with the support of OTA Network’s team of experts, both of them have achieved success. reaping great success, becoming one of the monuments of the Vietnamese streamer village.

Mr. Duy Nguyen – Currently Director of Operations of OTA Network.

Introducing OTA Network

OTA Network is a project under Appota Group, and is also the leading unit in implementing the Facebook Gaming Creator program in Vietnam. The birth of OTA Network is a launching pad to help creators make strong changes in their careers, creating opportunities for them to create and contribute. To date, OTA Network has become a launching pad for more than 600 creators, helping them achieve a lot of success and bring positive value to the community. In the coming time, OTA Network will continue its journey to help the Creators community develop with potential future projects.​

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