Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms officially launches to gamers today, November 15

After many days of waiting, today, November 15, Vietnamese gamers were able to “touch” the game in person. Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms. This is a game based on the original plot of Journey to the West, developed by Yoka Games and exclusively published by VNGGames in Vietnam.


Right now, gamers can use mobile phones and download the game here to experience and have interesting journeys to find scriptures in the world. Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms (Journey to the West VNG).

Gameplay is diverse and unique

Inheriting the essence of the familiar general card strategy game series, Tay Du VNG perfectly recreates the CBG (card battle game) game mode featuring turn-based 2×3 squad tactics. The game also refreshes the classic scenes in Journey to the West with fresh colors, 2D graphics and anime-comic drawings. From there, gamers will have a new gaming experience but still evoke familiar memories if they have ever read or watched the story or TV series Journey to the West.


Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi has divided its character inventory into 4 sects including Holy Gioi – Fairy Gioi – Minh Gioi – Demon Gioi. Fairies and monsters extremely familiar to many generations will appear in the VNG Journey to the West squad such as Ton Ngo Khong, Bach Cot Tinh (Damage type); Manh Ba, Thiet Phien (Support system); Tang Tang, Confucius (Therapy); Nguyen Quan, Thanh Nguu (Defense) or Control include Ly Tinh, Hac Vo Thuong, etc. It is this familiarity that promises to bring players new arrangements and creativity when arraying champions.

Add attractive features, transform the squad

In addition to possessing the core traditional general card strategy gameplay familiar to Vietnamese gamers. Journey to the West VNG also brings touches to the gameplay to create its own excitement. The game not only recreates the typical elements of the game series but also diversifies and upgrades features, thereby creating a tactical depth that veteran fans of the general card game series can hardly feel bored with. bored.


For example, the God Strike feature is the first highlight of Journey to the West. Have you heard of Hop Kich and the combination skills of the two generals? Then Divine Strike is even more powerful when this is a combined skill of 4-5 generals. Equipping God Strike creates special moves to increase flexibility in combat.

Next, we have Thien Ki which is a move separated from the skills of generals, helping players to have many diverse combinations of the squad along with Thien Ky to create magical combos.


Or entering the world of Journey to the West VNG, players will have the opportunity to enjoy a system of rich PvP and PvE activities such as Tong Mon, Bang Hoi, King Chi Chien,…

Together with the trio of multi-tasking ambassadors, the three worlds were in chaos

In addition to the above special features, Journey to the West VNG also motivates players with the companionship of singer/actor Anh Tu (Ton Ngo Khong), beauty Thanh Thanh Huyen (Bach Cot Tinh) and Ms. TikToker Tra Dang (Thien Yeu Co). They will stand side by side with the players, providing strength and inspiration for the community to overcome obstacles and chaos in the Three Realms.


Full of activities to celebrate the launch

To celebrate the official launch of the game, VNGGames launched an event with a series of valuable gifts such as SH160i Xe, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung ZFlip5 and countless precious Journey to the West treasures. The event takes place from November 15, 2023 to November 30, 2023, including Top Race to receive cars on the entire server and Top 10 Race on each server. The Top 3 players with the highest combat power in the first 7 days of opening a server across the entire server will receive valuable gifts and the Top 10 of each server will receive in-game gifts such as a Red Chest of Select Than, a Chest of 1 of 8 Red Generals, a God Random Cam animals,…


What are you waiting for? Right now, gamers should quickly download the game on CH Play and Appstore to immediately experience Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi.

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