Eversoul – RPG game takes players into a fantasy world to collect souls


First announced in August 2020 with the name Soul Artifact, this highly anticipated mobile game from Kakao Games (publisher of Black Desert Online and Moonlight Sculptor) recently revealed the latest news. Accordingly, Soul Artifact will be renamed Eversoul to highlight the element of “eternal and immutable soul”.

Eversoul is introduced as a collection game based on the worldview of post-apocalyptic and medieval fantasy. Players will collect souls created with 3D graphics, nurture and communicate with them. Eversoul has a romantic storytelling system borrowed from dating simulation games combined with a territory management system that uses SD (chibi) characters to create deeper feelings between players and characters. object.


In addition to the basic elements of the collection game genre such as combat and leveling up, Eversoul players can experience elements of management gameplay using souls collected in other game modes together. Eversoul currently does not have a specific launch schedule, all the latest information will be sent to readers by Gamehub in the near future.


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