Insomniac Games is the latest victim of Hackers


Last week, a group hacker attacked Insomniac Games and threatened to release confidential data unless the developer paid 50 BTC (equivalent to about $2 million) within seven days. After one week, Sony refused to meet the above request and the hacker group responded.

According to Cyber ​​Daily, group hacker Rhysida has released 1.67 TB of data, consisting of over 1.3 million files, containing various videos and images related to the upcoming Wolverine game, personal information of developers, as well as projects the future of Marvel and Sony.

The leaked data includes a slide listing Insomniac Games’ upcoming games. Planned games are Venom for 2025, Wolverine for 2026, Spider-Man 3 for 2028, a Ratchet & Clank title for 2029, X-Men for 2030 and a new, unnamed IP for 2031/2032. Of course, this disclosed information is subject to change.​

A release roadmap for multiple X-Men games and a second new IP releasing in 2035 were also included in the leaked information. In addition, Insomniac also has ambitions to release multiplayer games with the project Spider-Man 2 Online in 2024, Wolverine Online in 2026 and X-Men Online in 2028. The development budget for each X-Men game is 120 million USD, of which 30 million USD is for marketing. All X-Men games are scheduled to launch in 2035 on PlayStation and PC.


Insomniac’s Venom game was also leaked in great detail. The game is called Venom: Lethal Protector and features a storyline leading to Spider-Man 3 after the events of Spider-Man 2. The game is scheduled for release in Q2 2025 for $49.99 USD. Spider-Man 3 will likely be divided into two parts, part one will be released during the 2027 holiday season, and part two will arrive during the 2028 holiday season.

Readers should note that all of the above plans may have changed.

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