Back 4 Blood caused outrage because of its racist Zombie – Turns out there was a reason later

Last week, Back 4 Blood has started beta testing on Steam and reached the top 10 most played games on this platform today. Descendant of Left 4 Dead There were up to 100,000 players playing at the same time last Saturday night, this is definitely an extremely favorable start for Turtle Rock Studios’ new masterpiece. However, recently some players discovered that Back 4 Blood possesses some controversial sound effects, intended to insult the black community.​


Back 4 Blood also has a guitar zombies They are just as numerous as Left 4 Dead, but they are clearly louder and more rambunctious when they often scream and shout. Most of those screams were just random, but some players heard sounds intended to scold and humiliate people of color. Videos recording that sound are continuously posted and spread on social networks, making many people feel frustrated.

Twitter user @HomBKE reported encountering a zombie in the beta that rushed at the player while screaming the n-word. The N-word refers to nigger or nigga, a word used to refer to people of color in a contemptuous way, with the connotation racism and insult.

Many videos recording this controversial sound have been posted and spread online

Receiving this negative information, Warner Bros. immediately issued a correction. The company affirmed that this was not its intention and had no intention of offending anyone. The above controversial sound is created by two random zombie growls mixed together. Back 4 Blood’s development team is working hard to fix this problem during the beta period or at the latest before the game’s official release.

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