Images of many Youtubers were stolen and sold on NFT sites

Community NFTs which is famous for its crazy ideas and recently the lack of control of this community has reached a new level. Many content creators come across their images for sale on NFT sites OpenSea with “ownership” solely belonging to this website. The list of NFTs being sold includes all the artwork from the creator’s YT channel.


YouTuber Jim Sterling and Caddicarus were among the first to discover that their YT channel was being sold online. Alanah Pearce of Sony Santa Monica Studios was another victim in the case image theft This. The bad guys even went so far as to photoshop Pearce’s photo into a porn magazine cover. While this is a clear example of photo and art theft and harassment in Pearce’s case, at this time all related NFTs are still for sale on the site. OpenSea.

Stephanie Sterling, host of YouTube channel Jim Sterling, commented on the NFT listing: “Honestly, I’m not surprised that some freeloader turned my channel into an NFT. I’m not agree with this development, I don’t want this to happen and this shows everything I’ve ever said about the disrespect and exploitation of this market. What scum.”​


Pearce also expressed his disapproval and said: “Someone took my photo, which I own, added a trademarked porn symbol and sold it for profit as an NFT … I can’t wait for the upcoming lawsuits.”​

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