Helldivers 2’s new patch will fix Matchmaking, black screens and increase server capacity

New patch numbered 1,000.10 of Helldivers 2 preparing to be released on Steam and PS5. Developer Arrowhead hopes to resolve some of the issues fans have been experiencing over the past week.

Most prominent among them are Matchmaking and server issues, as well as PC black screen errors. Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt stated on X/Twitter: “The patch is coming soon. Highlights include addressing Matchmaking and preparing for increased server capacity. Let’s go!“​


In addition to the issues listed above, the new Helldivers 2 patch also addresses the ragdoll bug, adjusts the difficulty of mining missions that were plaguing players, and implements an automatic retry mechanism for quickplay. .

Helldivers 2 has been an extraordinary success since its release, even reigniting fan interest in Starship Troopers, the 1997 film it inspired. IGN even flattered that Helldivers 2 is “the rare modern multiplayer game that does almost everything right.” Last weekend, it surpassed 450,000 concurrent players on Steam despite server limits, surpassing many famous names like Palworld, Apex Legends or GTA V.


Although warmly received by fans, Helldivers 2 still encounters many problems such as insufficient server capacity to meet demand or other minor errors. The game doesn’t run very smoothly, so much so that many people recommend not buying it until the developer fixes the issues. From positive reviews, it has now dropped to Mixed on Steam because many players are frustrated when they cannot log into the game.

While waiting for the update, players can check out detailed information about the upcoming patch below:​

Helldivers 2 patch 1,000.10


  • Fix crash when encountering ragdoll error.​

  • Fix crash when destroying buildings.​

  • Fix crash when displaying end of mission reward.​

  • Resolved the issue of 100% blocking when finding quick matches on PC.​

  • Adjusted the difficulty of the extraction mission (extract civilian).​

  • Improved platform authentication handling to avoid issues like black screen on startup.​

  • Improvements in client-to-server data communication for smoother infrastructure operations.​

  • Implement automatic retry mechanism for quick play.​

  • Added proper login error message for error “10002038.”​

Known issue

These are issues that are present in this patch and are being fixed, or are from a previous version and are not yet fixed.​

  • Limit login rate when many people log in at the same time.​

  • Players may be disconnected during play.​

  • Other rewards and progress may be delayed or not recognized.​

  • Various user interface issues can appear when the game interacts with the server.​

  • Picking up certain objects in the game can cause the character to freeze in place for an extended period of time.​

  • Other unknown behaviors may occur.​

  • Japanese VO is missing from the intro cutscene and Ship TV.​

  • Armor values ​​for light/medium/heavy armor are currently not working as intended.​

To find out more information about Helldivers 2, readers can visit:​

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