Hidetaka Miyazaki is planning a new game with a huge scale like Elden Ring

Hidetaka Miyazaki had an interview with Famitsu, a famous media company in Japan, mainly to share about DLC Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Below are the main contents that GameHub has summarized:

1. At the end of the original game’s development phase, FromSoftware had the idea of ​​DLC, but at that time still focused all my efforts on it Elden Ring. DLC is only really developed after the original game is officially released and has had stable updates.


2. In the name of the DLC, Shadow is the subject, not Erdtree. The DLC takes place in the Land of Shadow, different from the original game’s The Lands Between. In the photo above, the magic tree is surrounded by strips of light like a curtain, both related to Queen Marika’s bedroom and also to imply the separation between the two worlds. The name of the DLC also has other meanings, but players need to discover it for themselves.

3. The main character of the DLC is Miquella. In the base game, players are guided by the Site of Grace, while in the DLC, players will pursue Miquella’s footsteps throughout the Land of Shadow. Other followers of Miquella will also appear, to become friends or enemies of the player.

4. The past of the Land of Shadow and Queen Marika will be revealed similar to how The Shattering war between the Demigods was told in the original game.


5. Messmer The Impaler is the iconic character of the DLC, ranked on par with other Demigods and also Marika’s child, but standing on the opposite side. In the DLC, players will learn why Messmer does not appear in the original game but is present in the Land of Shadow.

6. George RR Martin did not write additional content for the DLC, but similar to the plot of the original, the plot of the DLC is also developed from the mythology he wrote for the whole game.

7. Shadow of the Erdtree is the largest DLC FromSoftware has ever developed.

8. The entrance of the DLC is exactly where the battle between gamers and Mohg, Lord of Blood takes place. To satisfy the conditions for advancement and Land of Shadow, players must first defeat the two Bosses of the original, Mohg and Radahn.

9. What happens in the DLC will not affect the existing endings of the original game. The story in the DLC will end in the DLC. Although there is no clear ending, the DLC will give players a sense of satisfaction after completion.


This Boss is actually not a lion, but a person wearing a lion’s skin, inspired by the Lion Dance in China.

10. The DLC will add a new method to increase power, similar to how players increase damage in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It will only be effective in the Land of Shadow.

11. One of the biggest attractions of the DLC is that it will add a lot of weapons, Incantation, Magic and Ash of War. In particular, the game introduces 8 new types of weapons, including 4 types revealed in the trailer, which are large Katana, Dark Weapon, War Shield and martial arts. In addition, existing weapons have also been increased in quantity.

12. Hidetaka Miyazaki also revealed his plans to create a new game with a huge scale like Elden Ring.

13. Although there are no plans for a new DLC, Hidetaka Miyazaki does not confirm that Elden Ring has completely ended. In the near future, the game will likely have new content added.​

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