Chat with Kevin Gaming – 2k guy who grew up as a Streamer

Brings many career opportunities as well as ideal income, Streamer is currently a new profession chosen by many people. Not only attracting gamers of the 8X and 9X generations; livestream games also received the attention of many young people born after 2000, Kevin Gaming is also one of them.

Although Kevin Gaming just turned 20 this year, he has had more than a year of working with him livestream. This is also an opportunity to help the boy from Ho Chi Minh City become more mature as well as find his goal. Today GameHub had the opportunity to chat with this young Streamer to learn more about his experiences when entering this still quite new industry.


Reporter: Can you introduce Gamehub readers a little about yourself?
Kevin Gaming: I would like to briefly introduce myself, my name is Tran Phuoc Dien, born on October 27, 2002, currently living, studying and working in Ho Chi Minh City. I see myself as a quite sociable person, able to create relationships with people around me, rich in affection and spirit of learning.

Reporter: Before following the path of being a Creator/Streamer, did you ever do anything else? Why did you quit that job to become a Facebook Gaming Creator/Streamer?
Kevin Gaming:
Before that, I was a student and worked part-time at the entertainment center but only for a short time due to family matters. Since becoming one Creator of Facebook Gaming, I have built a mindset of not giving up on work and learned how to arrange work, study, and family life as neatly as possible.

Reporter: How long have you been involved with livestreaming? Has this job brought you any changes or interesting experiences?
Kevin Gaming:
If you include the time spent working and cultivating before joining Facebook Gaming, I have been working in this industry for 1 year. Becoming a Streamer helps me interact with more people as well as meet many good friends who support me a lot in my work. At the same time, I also became more confident and knowledgeable.

Reporter: As you know, Streamer is still a fairly new profession and not everyone understands it well. So when moving into this field, did you encounter opposition from family and friends?
Kevin Gaming:
When I first started, my family did not really support me, only a few relatives and friends encouraged me to pursue my passion. I also don’t blame my family because they simply want the best for me. Another part is also due to people’s prejudices against playing games: Playing games is very harmful, can playing games make money?


Reporter: It was truly a difficult time, so how did you prove to those around you so that everyone could understand and accept the work you were pursuing?
Kevin Gaming:
I only do one thing: Talk less and do more. I arrange my time to work overtime, study as well as livestream appropriately; At the same time, I strive and try to move forward. When I succeed, it is also the time when I can prove to my family about my work.

Reporter: Currently there are many livestream platforms such as Youtube Gaming, BooYah or Nimo, so what made you choose to become a part of Facebook Gaming?
Kevin Gaming:
I chose to join Facebook Gaming because this program offers more opportunities than other platforms. This is a large gaming ecosystem, focusing on emerging markets, helping us make money and hone our gaming skills.

Reporter: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer GameHub’s interview today. Before saying goodbye to our readers, is there anything you want to share with everyone as well as some young people who want to follow your path?
Kevin Gaming:
Finally, I would like to thank and OTA Network gave me this honorable opportunity. I think young people who want to follow this path need to set clear goals for themselves, strive hard and not give up. When you overcome the challenges of this profession, you also prove yourself and make money from it.

Reporter: Once again, thank you Kevin Gaming. Wishing you will always persevere and achieve more success on the path you have chosen.

Interested readers can follow Kevin Gaming’s livestream at Fanpage:

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