The word puzzle game Wordle saves lives

According to CNN sources, a naked man broke into Denyse Holt’s house while she was home alone. The intruder disconnected the phone line and locked the 80-year-old woman in the bathroom for 17 hours while he roamed the house.


“I didn’t think I would survive,” Ms. Holt said. Fortunately, Mrs. Holt’s daughter became increasingly worried about her mother’s health when she saw that the old lady had not read the messages and had not yet sent her score updates. Wordle daily. The girl went to the Lincolnwood Police Department to request a health check on the mother. Upon arriving at Ms. Holt’s home, police noticed a broken window.

Police eventually discovered Ms. Holt in the basement bathroom, locked but unharmed. They then found the suspect armed with several knives on the second floor of the house. Police arrested and later transported the man to a local hospital for treatment. According to police, it appeared the suspect was having a mental health crisis, because he asked Ms. Holt for help before locking her in the bathroom.


Wordle is a game that appears a lot on foreign social networking sites. This is a simple, free word puzzle game available on multiple platforms (both PC and Mobile). The player needs to guess the correct word (English) by entering a sequence of letters 6 times. Letters in the correct position will turn green, letters in the word but in the wrong position will turn orange, and letters that do not appear in the word will turn from gray to black.​

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