Hackers spread information about Marvel’s Wolverine after failing to demand ransom

Information about Marvel’s Wolverine Insomniac Games probably about to appear widely on media platforms by hackers. Data for the game developed exclusively for the PS5 system, including gameplay as well as many plot details, was leaked after the developer was hacked by a group of hackers named Rhysida. These people tried to extort $2 million from Sony but were refused, and threatened to sell and distribute this information online.

Several videos of the game have been released on social networking sites such as X or Reddit, including footage and details about the appearance of the title character. Among the leaked documents is also a PC build of the game, making it even easier to share content.

To respect copyright, GameHub will not repost leaked videos. However, if readers are curious, you can find them easily by searching with the keyword “Wolverine leaked” on X or Reddit.


In addition to the leaked information about Wolverine, the hack Insomniac also includes a lot of personal information about studio employees, such as recruitment forms, internal messages and emails. Unannounced projects from developers are also said to have been released by hackers.

There has been little official information about Wolverine since the game was first revealed at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021. Insomniac mentioned that the game will be set in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man and feature maturity tendency. A report from earlier this year believed that Wolverine would be rated R and possibly release in the fall of 2024, although it could be pushed back to 2025.


Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 received extremely high reviews upon launch and is one of the best exclusive games of the year on PlayStation. The company also revealed that a spin-off game with the main character Venom will appear in the future.

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