Chan of the Three Kingdoms Vo Song Ba released a new trailer, officially opening beta

If you are a line fan action game slash and slash, players are probably no strangers to it Dynasty Warriors (The True Three Kingdoms are Unparalleled). With a total of 7 main titles, a famous series from the Japanese game developer Koei Tecmo This story depicts the most heroic battles of the Three Kingdoms period. Not stopping at PC and console platforms, Dynasty Warriors continues to expand with a mobile version developed by DW Studio.

The True Three Kingdoms are Incomparable nice Dynasty Warriors Mobile is an officially licensed game project from Koei Tecmo, released by Tencent. In the game, players will meet the most famous historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period such as the three brothers Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yun Chang, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, Zhou Yu, Lu Bu as well as famous beauties of that time such as Dieu Thuyen, Ton Thuong Huong…

In the game, players can transform into a fierce general of the Three Kingdoms period, fighting with heroes to conquer the world. Chan Tam Quoc Vo Song Ba will inherit the gameplay as well as many classic elements of the original, promising to bring both familiar and new experiences to fans.​


True Three Kingdoms Wu Song Ba is also one of the titles mobile games Receiving the attention of many Chinese players this year, the game currently has more than 3 million pre-registrations. Today (August 10), Chan Tam Quoc Vo Song Ba also officially opened beta, interested readers can download and experience the game at:​

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