Guide Palworld Guide: Butcher way to get resources without losing Pal

Recently, a player Palworld has found a trick to help gamers both “butcher” and not lose their Pal. Specifically, you just need to ride a Pal while performing the “butcher” action with it, and you will both receive resources and keep that Pal alive. This simple trick will definitely be a lifesaver for gamers who are both short on resources and don’t want to lose their Pal.


Butcher is an option in Palworld, when the player goes down with one of his Pals, kills it and collects a certain amount of resources, while freeing up space in the Palbox. Pal being “butchered” will be lost forever, so this is definitely a cruel choice and will cause certain effects in the game, for example, if the NPC sees that scene, he will put a bounty on his head. player. In general, this is a mechanism that is too “naked” and makes many players find it difficult to implement.​

Reddit user yashpwnz revealed that riding Pal while “butcher” will prevent it from dying but still gain loot. To show how this trick works, yashpwnz summoned his Frostallion, mounted it, and began “butchering” it. When this legendary Pal is butchered and falls, it will revive. In addition to not losing one of Palworld’s best mounts, yashpwnz also gains Pal resources like diamonds, an uncommon item that Palworld players can sell to merchants.​


Along with revealing the trick and how it works, yashpwnz added in the comments that it is an effective way to get the legendary schematic. Capturing powerful Pals is part of the core Palworld experience, and players can increase their power by equipping additional legendary weapons and armor. To get them, players must find legendary drawings by defeating Alpha Pals. Frostallion is one of the Pals that will drop the legendary drawing of the Pal Metal Helmet, a helmet with good Defense, HP, and high durability.

Nearly a month after launch, Palworld has begun to decline in player numbers as is natural for every new game. Even so, Pocketpair promises to keep the game in players’ interest with support through future updates and content such as PvP, Raid Bosses, and cross-play. The future looks even more promising with new Pals, giving players more reasons to return to the game in the coming months.​

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