Loved playing Naraka: Bladepoint and then lost at Worlds, the pro gamer was forced to retire by fans

As you know, Worlds League of Legends is starting at Laugardalshöll Stadium (Iceland) with extremely breathtaking matches. However with many fans of FunPlus Phoenixthe game ended early when the Chinese team had to go home early.​


As the 2019 Champion but FPX walked in again Worlds 2021 with performances that are not as expected, or even disappointing. Losing 4 matches, FPX had to say goodbye to the World Championship with regret. None other than Doinb and Xiaotian became the culprits for FPX’s failure. Fans believe that the Mid – Jungle couple’s negligent and “double-minded” actions prevented FPX from achieving their best performance in the competition.

After Naraka: Bladepoint Officially opened for beta this summer, because his girlfriend liked it, Doinb did not hesitate to stay up late to play games with his girlfriend. Even when the LPL Summer playoffs were taking place, Doinb still regularly appeared on his girlfriend’s livestream Naraka: Bladepoint. Not only Doinb, but also Xiaotian is fascinated with the game Battle Royale belong to NetEase. At the end of August this year, fans also saw Xiaotian continuously staying up all night playing Naraka: Bladepoint.


Many fans think that both Doinb and Xiaotian are distracted and spending too much time on another game. League of Legends, that is the main reason why these players cannot give their all for the tournament. Many people even think that if they continue to be engrossed in Naraka: Bladepoint like this, Doinb and Xiaotian should retire to let their teammates go.​

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