Dead by Daylight character model sold on bitcoin exchange

NFTs (good Non-fungible tokens) are non-fungible tokens that use blockchain technology to grant “ownership” to those who purchase them. The term “ownership” is pretty scary because the buyer only gets a receipt of sorts that shows they own a digital file. This is an extremely divisive phenomenon, partly because creating NFTs requires energy-intensive, environmentally harmful blockchain mining, and partly because it’s high risk. However, NFTs are still growing rapidly Behavior Interactive stand behind Dead by Daylight has licensed the trading of in-game models using NFTs. Specifically, from now on players can buy Pinhead NFTs.


Dead by Daylight Pinhead is character model can interact in the game. In theory, players can pay and own this model. However, purchasing an NFT in no way gives the player ownership of the copyright – which is a convincing sign of ownership. Additionally, Pinhead NFTs “may” offer the opportunity to unlock chapters Hellraiser by Dead by Daylight.

In the FAQ section, Boss Protocol has quietly removed the above reasons against trading NFTs as well as ensuring that no game content is locked after purchasing Pinhead (or any other Boss Protocol NFT ). Certain Pinhead NFTs will unlock access to Hellraiser collectibles, and all will also allow owners to add additional NFTs for free (in the future).


Dead by Daylight fans are not happy with Behavior Interactive’s move, as most everyone – including Valve – agrees that NFTs easily lead to scams.​

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