GTA 5’s ending would have been more cruel than what we knew?

Recent data leak of Rockstar Games has revealed to gamers more details about past or current plans of GTA 5. This includes a series of DLCs that players have never heard of, but unfortunately they have been canceled.

Besides, another ending of GTA 5 was also “brought to light” by hackers, notably it is much more cruel than the official ending of the game. At the end of the game, Franklin will have 3 choices: Kill Trevor, kill Michael or “Deathwish” (hope for death to come to you or someone else). Although the setting remains the same, the way these characters are “killed” is somewhat more brutal.


Accordingly, if the target is Travor, this character will be frozen with liquid nitrogen then crushed by a 2×4 board. On the other hand, Michael will fall from the tower onto the helicopter’s wing. Surely players can imagine the terrible scene when this happens. In the official version, Trevor was only burned alive with gasoline, while Michael fell from the tower and died.

Not much is known about the “Deathwish” option, but it appears players will control Lamar instead of Franklin. Previously, Lamar’s voice actor also confirmed that he was originally assigned a larger role in this game. However, at that time, he was dealing with personal issues so Rockstar changed direction.

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