Final Fantasy XVI PC version is in the ‘final stages of optimization’, possibly launching this year

Final Fantasy XVI launched exclusively on PlayStation 5 last June. However, Square Enix has confirmed that a PC version of this action game is in development. The game has already released one DLC (Echoes of the Fallen) and is preparing to release a second DLC, The Rising Tide, this spring.

When asked about the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI, the game’s developer, Naoki Yoshida, did not give a specific date, but also said that the team is in the final stages of optimization.

Yoshida said: “Speaking of development progress, we are currently working on the final stages of optimization. When we can release the PC version will depend on this timeline – the system requirements and PC specs that players will need, so we’re trying to figure that out. Naturally, (PC specs) will seem a bit high.


However, he also said players can rest assured that the development process of this version is still going smoothly, even though it needs more time. In addition, Yoshida also affirmed that before releasing on PC, the team will announce the best specifications and technical requirements in advance so that fans can determine whether their machine can play the game.

And to that end, we’re also looking to release a demo for the PC version,” he added. “Again, we can’t really say too much about the details of when it will launch – I think the team needs a little more time to announce everything. But one thing is certain: The future is not too far away; Not a year, not two years, probably shorter than that, so stay tuned.”

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