Palworld reveals its first large-scale Raid with a new Boss


Developers Pocketpair recently revealed some details about BellanoirPalworld’s first raid. This creature-collecting role-playing game has achieved huge success, surprising even the developer. Palworld Reached 25 million players in just one month and filled the pockets of the small indie game studio from Japan.

The game’s creator, Mr. Takuro Mizobe, once said that he was not sure whether Pocketpair could achieve the huge success of Palworld with another game, and the developer certainly wanted to prolong the life of his child. Surname. Palworld has received regular updates since launch, mainly to fix bugs and bring the Xbox build to the same pace as the Steam version. The developer also expressed the desire to bring the game to other platforms such as PS5.

Pocketpair has provided some details about the game’s first Raid. Specifically, this Raid is called Bellanoir, named after the new creature that the player needs to destroy and the location where it appears is the Palpagos Islands. Only the most skilled Pal collectors will be able to take on Bellanoir, but there’s no doubt that all Palworld players will be eager to experience this new content.

There’s still a lot that hasn’t been revealed about Bellanoir, such as what this Raid will entail. Bellanoir will certainly be different from the mini raids going on in the game, where a horde of Pals or humans appear and attack player settlements. Fans expect this new content type to be similar to World of Warcraft’s raids, where a group of players gather together to defeat particularly powerful bosses. From the trailer, it looks like Bellanoir will be summoned using crystals or temples and the new Pal can use a new element that appears in the form of blue flames.

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