Gamers play Final Fantasy 7 Remake with a real Buster Sword

Super Louis 64 built a stick-based shaped controller Buster Sword with real size. This special controller can convert actual sword swings into internal skills Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 14 and even Elden Ring.


Super Louis 64 is a programmer, intrepid gamer, and a master at creating crazy and creative controllers. He streamer This guy is known by the nickname Controller Bender and has impressed viewers when playing Elden Ring with a banana, Dark Souls 3 with a Guitar Hero controller or exercising while successfully defeating the boss in Elden Ring. Super Louis 64 recently completed its biggest project: a controller that simulates the Buster Sword. Even though the controller is essentially just “a crappy Wiimote,” the project is truly impressive in scale and size. The controller is a life-size replica of the Buster Sword with a custom 3D printed hilt, sanded and wood filled. At more than 5 feet (1.5m) long and weighing nearly 8 pounds (3.6kg), swinging this sword is a difficult physical exercise for Super Louis 64.

The sword uses motion detection hardware to sense movements and convert them into specific data to use different attacks and abilities. When playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, swinging the sword will trigger normal attacks, stronger swings will trigger multiple attacks. When stabbing the sword forward, Cloud will use Focused Thrust, and when holding the sword in Guard position, the character will perform a blocking movement.

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