The midnight ghost chasing game Midnight Ghost Run released version 1.0 this month


Midnight Ghost Hunt is a strange but very harmonious combination of multiplayer chase mechanics Dead by Daylight and chaos comes from Prop Hunt. The game divides players into two factions in a fantasy war: viz Hunter and Ghost. The Hunters, which bear some resemblance to the assassins in Dead by Daylight, will assemble in teams of four to pursue four mischievous ghosts, the equivalent of the survivors in Behavior Interactive’s game.


When transformed into a Hunter, players can equip a series of Ghostbusters-style weapons to destroy ghosts, such as a Spectral Cannon capable of blasting ghosts into smithereens. On the contrary, if playing the role of Ma, the player will possess a series of mystical powers including the ability to move objects, create a smelly miasma or transform into household appliances such as lamps. But that’s not all, when the clock strikes 12, the witching hour begins and the ghosts become even more dangerous and spooky. Hunters will have to take advantage of the time to kill them all before midnight to avoid the risk of being murdered.

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s official release date is set for Thursday, March 21, ending early access. The full release will bring all the improvements made during early access, including new maps, hero props, skins, weapon improvements, game progression system, etc. out, for version 1.0, developer Vaulted Sky Games says the maps are completely revamped with new designs, layouts, lighting, strategic hidden spots, gameplay upgrades and a ton of bot improvements.

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