Gamers create Bots like ChatGPT to search for games

One gamer created AI bots similar to ChatGPT, but this version only serves the purpose of providing video game recommendations to players who are on the fence about purchasing new titles. Although the bot is still in the early stages of development, this ChatGPT-inspired tool could turn out to be quite useful for indecisive gamers or those looking to try out new games.


User Reddit named MadRedditScientist shared a preview of his new AI bot creation process on the r/gaming subreddit. This AI bot inspired by ChatGPT uses data from over a hundred thousand posts and comments from the r/ShouldIbuythisgame subreddit. Many people have used ChatGPT for gaming, but this gamer’s creation has the potential to become a very useful tool. Users simply ask the bot in the search bar whether a particular game is worth buying and then receive an answer based on data from the above subreddit.


Although impressive, MadRedditScientist admits that its product is still not perfect. Some limitations of bots are providing outdated information, fabricated information, and slow responses in some cases. Despite these problems, MadRedditScientist is confident that they can be overcome by providing the bot with more data. The fact that ChatGPT is used in all walks of life in a support role will inspire many people to create a similar bot, with applications for their own fields, which is a completely reasonable development. The author of the above AI bot also emphasized that this is just a test, but it is a great example of what AI can bring to the gaming industry in the future.​

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