Not only is it an action masterpiece, Rise of the Ronin will also be a paradise for “lotus”

Rise of the Ronins is an action adventure game about to be released by Team Ninja – Developers Nioh and Wo long: Fallen Dynasty. Released on March 22, title role-playing game This open world is set during the Bakumatsu era as the Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end and its policies of cultural isolation gave way to modernization.

As an anonymous warrior known as a “ronin”, you will participate in major events that took place in the land of the rising sun in the late 19th century such as the great revolution or the cholera outbreak caused by the waves of foreigners flooding into Japan… Besides experiencing unique action gameplay and historical and political events; Rise of the Ronin players can also enrich their journey by hunting down “bosses” across the map.


Of course, the “bosses” here are not the enemies you need to defeat but simply… cats. Cats are everywhere in Rise of the Ronin and are always waiting for you to pet them. Like many other “bosses” in real life, the cats of Rise of the Ronin also possess common characteristics of this four-legged species such as liking to lick their bodies, making cooing sounds when comfortable or crawling. into your heart to pamper you.

Finding and interacting with cats also provides rewards for the player. You will receive silver coins every time you find lost cats and can use this money to buy equipment, scrolls to increase stats… from a female artist with a special affection for cats. This will help players increase their recovery ability or luck index…

In a period filled with chaos due to political upheaval and wanton bloodshed, the appearance of these adorable cats will surely bring moments of healing and strength to gamers on their journey. .​

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