Just released a few days ago, Chinh Do Origin – EFUN is already crowded, we have to add new servers to satisfy gamers

Just a few days after its launch, Conqueror Origin – EFUN has created a huge craze in the Vietnamese gaming community, causing the publisher to continuously open new servers to satisfy the ever-increasing fans. This return marks a great step forward in the mobile gaming industry, and is also a perfect recreation of the legendary era of the National War, making the hearts of many 8x and 9x generations sob.


Recently, the publisher announced the opening of a new server Hoang Thanh at 7:00 p.m. on March 11:

“Just released 5 days ago, Chinh Do Origin has invited many of the old brothers and sisters who played Chinh Do 1 to come back. Part of people come back because they want to review memories, part of them want to have a game with a level plow to relieve stress after tiring days of work and everyday life.”


Conquer Origin – EFUN is a worthy continuation of the JX1 Efunvn Mobile game that made waves four years ago. Based on the original PC game, this new version recreates the graphics and music from 2007, optimizing the mobile gaming experience. Gamers can now enjoy epic national battles anytime, anywhere, with just a smartphone in hand.


The strategic gaming style with large-scale battles has returned and is more powerful than before, making the gaming community unable to help but stir. The interest in the Open Beta version of Conqueror Origin – EFUN has proven its undeniable appeal, while also affirming EFUN CORP’s vision in capturing market trends and delivering unique experiences. class for gamers.


Conqueror Origin is not only a game, but also a bridge between the past and present, between childhood memories and the colorful world of today. The combination of tradition and modernity, of familiarity and cutting-edge technology, creates a unique experience that no other game can offer.

With official license number 1754/QD- BTTTT issued on September 12, 2023, Chinh Do Origin – EFUN is ready to conquer the trust and passion of millions of gamers. Don’t hesitate, visit the game’s official website to experience it today, and let’s write the heroic history pages of the long-awaited world of National War.


Conqueror Origin – EFUN is an exciting adventure and a testament to the colorful intersection of gaming culture. Join now to relive the most authentic emotions and accompany thousands of other heroes, creating a new chapter in the history of glorious war right on your phone.

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