(Game Review) Spider-Man 2 – The best Marvel game ever


Ahead of this weekend’s release, the articles Evaluate intended for Spider-Man 2 was announced. The new game follows the events of Spider-Man (2018) and Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2022), bringing both New York-based superheroes into a story where they go up against the likes of Lizard, Kraven the Hunter and Venom. Like previous Spider-Man stories, Venom is introduced as a powerful, dark force that will transform Peter Parker from a noble hero into a brutal one.

Most reviews for Spider-Man 2 are very positive. Some critics pointed out that the game favored refinement over evolution and praised the story, pacing, and overall improvements to existing gameplay from previous installments.

Spider-Man 2 is the next installment in a spectacular series that has both a dark side and a light side. The story of the two Spider-Men is a great time and every “spider” fan’s dream to see the pages of a comic book come to life. Insomniac has successfully improved the combat and swing formula without causing obvious compromises, leaving players feeling familiar with it while still being surprised by the new abilities.

Below are the review scores for Spider-Man 2:​

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