After controversial statements, SBTC Esports management finally settled 200 million in charity money

“Charity” is a sensitive keyword recently, when a series of incidents of artists calling for money to do good deeds without being transparent in disbursement were exposed. Many big names in the entertainment world have had to struggle after netizens continuously found loopholes in disbursing hundreds of billions of dong from these artists. It’s easy to understand why people are angry, everyone agrees to donate to people in the Central region in difficulty, but no one wants the money they send to be exploited by others to pay off debt or build 80 billion villas.

And in the Vietnamese League of Legends community, nearly 2 months ago, SE’s manager Cao Le Tuan Tu was also accused of soaking up nearly 180 million VND in charity money in the Central region donated by fans in player Noway’s group in October/ 2020. After making many unpopular excuses, Ba Tu continued to make people even more angry when he said he wanted to save this money for… the next flood.

In the latest development, player Noway posted on his official Fanpage pictures showing that he and Ba Tu have completed the settlement of the long-standing controversial charity money. This streamer has confirmed transferring the amount of 200 million VND to the Covid19 Vaccine Fund. Although it is not in accordance with the original purpose of donating, most fans also agree with this plan.

Most people agree with this plan.

After finalizing the above amount, manage SBTC Esports once again apologize to the fan community for my delay and shortcomings in handling charity money. Although it was not in line with the original donation purpose, in the end everything was resolved satisfactorily.

Ba Tu’s post in NoWay’s community group.

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