While planning to commit suicide due to depression, a young man’s life was saved by playing games

As a human being living in the world, who has not experienced the feeling of fatigue due to the pressure of life weighing heavily on their shoulders. There are times when it seems like the sky is all gray and black; work, money, loneliness, illness, all kinds of bad luck are always waiting to strike. In 2013, a gamer was so negative that he thought about committing suicide, but fortunately, at the last moments, he decided to sit down and play a game and his life changed from then on.


This is the story of Zombieinferno, who recently posted on Reddit, sharing about his struggle with depression due to bipolar disorder. In June 2013, Zombieinferno’s life suddenly fell into a dead end, despair rushed in, making him think of suicide many times. One day, the idea of ​​suicide appeared again, Zombieinferno thought about rearranging his belongings before leaving this world. At that time, he was scrolling through the Steam library and accidentally saw it The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrima game he spent hundreds of hours playing but still hasn’t finished.

In that moment, Zombieinferno decided he had to complete the game before his life ended. And, like any Skyrim fan, once you’ve played it, leaving the game unfinished is impossible. Zombieinferno’s initial goal was just to defeat Alduin, but then he couldn’t resist the temptation and did one mission after another. The profound and meaningful world of Skyrim kept his mind immersed and away from suicidal thoughts.

After many hours of playing, Zombieinferno finally defeated Alduin but instead of feeling like life had come to a halt, he suddenly felt “deeply satisfied and happy”. That’s when he thought about the things he would miss if he just died, thinking about how music, movies, and games bring joy to people. Luckily, Zombieinferno decided to give me another chance.


Zombieinferno returned to his family and began the difficult journey of fighting the disease. Now, 8 years have passed, Zombieinferno shares that he has found love in life and no longer feels the negative depression from 4 years ago. In times of trouble, Skyrim was like a light at the end of the tunnel, which saved his life and gave him the strength to fight the demon within himself.

To those who suffered from mental illness like him in the past, Zombieinferno wrote: “Defeat your dragon. Find reasons to keep moving forward. Complete the missions. And, be your own hero.” Hope all of us, especially those with psychological obstacles, can be strong to overcome difficulties and always be happy!

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