Fortnite OG attracted more than 44.7 million players back to the battle royale game


Fortnite set a new record for numbers concurrent players at a time. Tracking tool recorded the game peaking at 6.1 million concurrent players on November 4, 2023 (the 5th in Vietnam time zone). The number of 6,172,463 players online reflects the success of the Fortnite Chapter 4 release, Fortnite OGbringing the game back to the original island with a set of weapons and some tools from the early days of Fortnite’s success in 2018.


Fortnite’s OG season clearly holds a lot of positive memories. Main mode Battle Royale attracted 3.1 million players on November 4. In addition, nearly one million other players participated in Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build Battle Royale modes. A lot of players remember that original, unranked Fortnite experience.

The battle royale game had its “biggest day” ever thanks to Fortnite OG, with more than 44.7 million players participating in the mortal arena. Fortnite announced this news on .”

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