Using Android 12, gamers can play games… before they finish downloading

At the recent Google for Games Summit event, the development team Android and Google Play officially announced a new feature for Android 12 called “Play as You Download”, allowing users to play games even while the download is not completed. With this feature, the development team hopes users can more easily access popular games on the store’s homepage while reducing the time waiting for apps to download.


Regarding the operating mechanism, “Play as You Download” will download core content immediately, so users can quickly experience the game while continuing to download. However, this feature is currently in beta and it is unclear when it will be fully deployed.

“Play as You Download is built in,” said Greg Hartrell, product manager for Google Play and Android Android 12, where users can play the game in seconds while the game is still being downloaded. This way, opening times for games are 2 times faster and we are happy with the improved user experience.” In addition to Play as You Download, many other features will also be added in the future such as Format Targeting for better downloading or Play Integrity API to fight hackers and cheaters.

“Last year, Android and Google Play achieved great success in providing a huge number of games to users. Thanks to continuous innovation, Google Play has become the ideal platform for developers to connect with global users. In fact, Android has reached 3 billion monthly active devices and 140 billion installations on Google Play,” Greg Hartrell added.


As a user, the Play as You Download feature clearly helps reduce the time spent waiting for games to download, especially high-capacity applications.

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