IT people are “speechless” with the scene of fixing the hard drive like a trance in a Vietnamese movie

Once again, actor Viet Anh’s legendary hard drive repair scene was shared in IT community groups and even now (13 years later) this scene still makes information technology people wonder. silent.

Specifically, despite being dubbed “the most badass hacker in Vietnamese movies”, the character Cao Thanh Lam (Viet Anh) in Running Case 2 (2008) commits many extremely stupid and humorous technological mistakes. In particular, this “legendary” hard drive burning scene must be mentioned.

Below the posts in the groups, it is not difficult to see comments that are humorous, sarcastic and condescending to this spiritual repair.

“True Burn Disc”.

If readers have problems with their hard drive, Gamehub sincerely recommends that they take it to a reputable repair center to perform repairs, avoiding too much manipulation or interference from a 3rd party software on the network on the drive. hard. Because we all know how difficult it is to get data back and not everyone can do it. Burning hard drives like Cao Thanh Lam is a strange method and only happens in movies!

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