Faker and his narrow champion pool in LCK Spring 2024

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For those who regularly follow Faker from the time when he first debuted until later, when he became the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of the village. League of Legends, it would not be strange for a parameter that was once a trademark of the legendary SKT T1. Accordingly, Faker is famous for being the “god of champions” and in the past Faker often made extremely “unique” choices even though he “nailed” the Mid Lane position right from the early days of his career. Specifically, Faker once brought Master Yi, Lee Sin or even Nidalee to the Mid Lane. And if you remember, it was Nidalee who helped Faker get the first kill in his career and the “victim” was Ambition.

But after a period of career crisis, Faker no longer had such champion tests. With his age and career increasing, Faker realizes that he needs to play for his teammates before the team plays for him. In the past, he was surrounded by top superstars like Impact, Bengi or MaRin… but now, he is surrounded by young teammates. In the current T1, anyone can test champions, but Faker will only stick to familiar champions like Azir, Orianna, or slightly more mutant Neeko or Hwei.


In LCK Spring 2024, while his juniors compete to test new champions, Faker is the T1 player with the narrowest champion pool. Among them, Faker only uses 7 champions, and Orianna is the name that is played the most (with 10 appearances). If you omit the pair Gumayusi and Keria then Oner is the player who uses the second few champions after Faker, but he still has 8 names.

However, with the audience LCK This parameter is still acceptable. 7 champions will also force opponents to study Faker carefully, because there are basically only 5 bans and sometimes, Keria herself, Zeus, Gumayusi or even Oner is the main “trigger” of T1. Not to mention, Faker’s current role is mostly creating gameplay for the team. Therefore, just 1 or 2 unbanned champions is enough to help Faker make things happen.

T1 is preparing to enter the final matches of the group stage LCK Spring 2024. This will be the period when players have the right to experiment more and most likely, Faker will also have some other mutant options to prepare mentally and skillfully for the important stage. More is coming.

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